bautista estrada

Hi everyone,
 my name is Bautista Estradas.

I am a passionate photographer and filmmaker from an early age. I discovered my love for photography, and what started as a hobby has become my profession at the age of 21. My passionate approach and innate talent make me a promising professional in the world of photography and filmmaking.

I started taking photos for fun, I have grown and evolved as an artist, making a mark in the world of photography and filmmaking. My passion and dedication have led me to develop a unique and distinctive style in my work.

As a photographer, I have a keen eye for capturing special moments and conveying emotions through my images. Whether it’s portraits, landscapes, or events, my ability to capture the essence of a moment sets me apart as a talented professional in my field.

In addition to photography, I have ventured into the world of filmmaking, where I combine my storytelling abilities with moving images. My audiovisual projects reflect my creativity and ability to convey impactful narratives.

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